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T.V. & Film

At an early stage of a film or television project, it is essential to ensure that rights are properly acquired and protected. The structure must work and correct contracts need to be in place. CL&B provides exactly this essential practical, informed and cost-effective advice on copyright, options and development. We also advise filmmakers and production companies on their dealings with investors, creative talent and crew. 

We can assist in music clearance as well as guide clients through their negotiations with agents and distributors. We have acted for independent filmmakers working on limited or “micro” budgets. CL&B represents screenwriters in relation to their contractual dealings with production companies, including option and co-producer agreements. 

Meanwhile, we have clients who are successfully forging a career as influencers or are using Tik Tok and Instagram or other social media as platforms to monetise their endeavours. 

With our music industry expertise, CL&B is ideally positioned to advise on soundtrack deals and music clearance services.

We can also provide music supervision services (in conjunction with experienced music supervisors).

In conjunction with our associates we are able to provide expert advice regardng the securing and formalisation of funding and finance.

CL&B also represents clients who have created TV formats as they seek development. A growing body of talent has sought CL&B’s advice on establishing their own service and production companies.

In addition, CL&B is working with companies creating production music for film and trailer usage.

Services Include

Screenplay writer agreements
Directors agreements
Producer agreements
TV Format deals
Content clearances
Rights licences
Co-production agreements 
Option agreements
Production agreements
Music Commissioning Agts 
Location agreements
Film Equity Investment Agts 
Product Placement Agts
Video production agreements
Soundtrack agreements
Distribution agreements
Film actors agreements
Music supervision
Photographic licensing
Voiceover services agreement
Sky EPG Agreements
Mocap agreements

Nice things our clients say about us

As an independent film production company we constantly require legal advice plus we prefer a hands on approach when it comes to dealing with documents and contract advice. Creative Law has always been approachable, understanding and have stood by us through everything in a very professional way. Negotiations can mean a very difficult and stressful time, but Dean at Creative Law would calm things down and not exacerbate them by giving clear advice on the right responses to make. The service provided is one you can trust to defend your interests in the best way possible that I cannot recommend enough.