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Creative Agencies

The activities of our Creative Agency clients vary, from full-service businesses to more niche operations. Invariably, agencies work collaboratively, supplying creative ideas and content, executing campaigns, often in conjunction with celebrity influencers, to build client's brands

It's a challenging and competitive market and one not without risk, including the danger that your pitch infringes the rights of a third party who has provided creative inspiration. Conversely, there's also the concern that a client might ‘steal’ an agency’s ideas and pass them off a version as their own.

CL&B can ensure that you acquire the necessary rights for the content your agency utilises and are lawfully able to license or assign it to a client as circumstances require.

We can assist you in establishing suitable T&Cs to enter into a contract with your clients or construct framework agreements to cover the applicable terms for clients requiring ongoing services.

We are experts in drafting and negotiating Talent Services agreements and Brand Partnership deals. 

We can also help you formalise terms with sub-contractors.

Our expertise also extends to advising regarding compliance ASA and CAP regulations.

Services Include

Talent Services Agreements
Brand Partnerships
Digital content supply licences
Artwork commissioning Agreements
Assignment of content Agts
Commissioning agreements
Framework agreements
Event agreements
Sponsorship agreements
T&Cs of business
Contracts for services
Contributor agreements
Pitching agreements
Sub-contractor contractors
Licensing agreements 
Trade Marking 

Nice things our clients say about us

Dean and his team are awesome, a cut above the rest, knowledgeable and professional but able to deal with us creative types as well.