Taking care of the legal & commercial side of creativity.


Photographers use CL&B to ensure they have a clear understanding of IP and how best to structure dealings so they can retain image copyright wherever possible and licence images for specific usages. 

In addition, we help many photographers to unlock the value of their portfolios.

Other areas of our expertise here include image rights, moral rights (including Artist Resale Right), orphaned works, commissioning and residency contracts, artist and gallery contracts, funding agreements and even advice on setting up a business. 

We take great pride in our advice on disputes involving infringement of copyright and licensing issues. 

Services Include

Business Set-Up 
Photographic copyright  
Commissioning agreements  
T&Cs of business 
Licensing of IP
Image Rights 
Model releases 
Orphaned Works 
Moral Rights 
Merchandising agreements 
Picture Library agreements
Portfolio deals
Gallery agreements 

Nice things our clients say about us

it is always a joy to work with Dean. He has very friendly and easy going manner. Makes law sound far more straight forward than it is.