Taking care of the legal & commercial side of creativity.

Art & Design

Creative Law & Business’s talented client base includes those who work using more traditional art and design techniques - such as fine art, illustration, graphic and jewellery design - while others are working at the cutting-edge of interactive and digital experiences (delivered via range of channels from an App to a giant multi-touch wall). 

We also advise leading galleries and online retailers on their dealings with artists and customers. We assist in the formalisation of agreements for art exhibitions, representation contracts and commissions for art editions and advice regarding Artist Resale Rights. 

With our work in this sector we have been involved in advising leading street artists on monetising their work and have satisfactorily resolved or extricated conceptual artist clients alleged to have infringed third party copyrights or Trade Marks. 

In all of these art and design-related dealings, expert advice and guidance is required relating to IP ownership and formalising agreements made contractual: CL&B provides just that.

Services Include

  • Protection of IP
  • Art editions
  • Agency agreements
  • Exhibition agreements
  • Representation agreements
  • Management agreements
  • Artist resale rights
  • Exhibition agreements
  • Design rights 
  • Disputes regarding provenance
  • Infringements
  • IP licensing
  • Contracts for services
  • Own art scheme

Nice things our clients say about us

Definitely the people to go to for legal advice in the creative industry. Great communication and service, without the jargon.