Taking care of the legal & commercial side of creativity.


Many of our clients are innovative businesses and their innovation can manifest itself in a multitude of forms.

These include clients who are establishing ground-breaking disruptive technology with the potential to revolutionise the global broadcasting and teleco business.

We at CL&B have been intensely involved in the innovation process by working with inventor clients to assist with their funding and in the identification and protection of IP. We have worked closely with product designers, university engineering departments and management schools to assist in the development of innovative new products and technologies and help gain the support of EU and regional grants.

We advise craft brewers creating innovative recipes, brands and marketing strategies.

Leading athletes involved in the innovative discipline of Parkour are advised by CL&B. They execute truly jaw-dropping jumps accomplished with balletic grace and precision. The films they create of their movements are eagerly devoured by a devoted online audience. We assist them in monetisation of their art and also crucially help them retain creative control.

We also represent clients working in the emerging fields of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Services Include

 Product licensing 
 Product design agreements 
 Manufacturing agreements
 Sponsorship Agreement 
 Production Agreements 
 Distribution Agreements 
 Joint Ventures 
 Investment Agreements 
 Grant funding 
 Agency Agreements 
 Shareholders Agreements 
 Business plans
 Brand Protection and Trade Marking 
 IT agreements 
 Design rights

Nice things our clients say about us

Dean’s thorough legal focus coupled with his entrepreneurial ‘go get it’ spirit has helped us take our new product from being merely an idea right up to patent stage in a very short time frame, painlessly and without the extravagant costs usually associated with innovative processes. Without hesitation, we would recommend Dean to any would be inventor