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Nice things our clients say about us...

I have been working with Dean and his associates for many years. He is a lawyer of the highest calibre with a soulful mindful approach. As artists we can be very awkward almost pandering to the crazy demands in this diva-ish world of entertainment we live in. Dean is serious, yet down to earth, he takes out the awkwardness of negotiation and makes the complexity seem very simple. The one thing I have absolute faith with him is in the trust. I have had the most wonderful experience with him over the years and, and that’s a testament to the longevity of our relationship. In fact business gets better if you just allow him to do his job and that pays off when you look back at your career and think thank god that deal was negotiated in the way that it was! He’s been second to none.

“It’s not often you meet someone who’s driven by an blindingly obvious passion to support and protect their clients. Dean is one of those rare beings!

He’s a lovely bloke who is so emotionally invested in music you just know that you are in the right place, and that everything is going to be alright. He has never let me or any of my clients down.

…………..And although I am insanely jealous of the size of his record collection, I would still not hesitate to recommend him.”

It’s alway a pleasure to work along with Dean, his knowledge and deep understanding of legal matters is immense and vital.

Dean’s really approachable too, his friendly and balanced advice helps put things into perspective giving the support needed when dealing with the often complicated world of Law.

Dean has been fantastic & super efficient with handling legal matters that have been seriously challenging in such a diplomatic manner whilst being thorough & conscientious.

Extremely grateful to have had someone like Dean handle such difficult matters to put my life more at ease.

Dean and the team are great at supporting on a wide range of legal services across our creative business. Support is always swift and professional. Their knowledge across differing sectors is also really useful. Highly recommend.

Dean has supported me through thick and thin and is always there on hand for advice and manages to explain the intricacies in all aspects of life; from art to music and business. PS Ask him to say Prawns

A fast and efficient service, where everything was explained to me in a clear and concise manner. Will be sticking with Dean for future projects.

As an artist and writer, it is not always easy to understand the legal side to music as I tend to enjoy creating. Dean has really helped me to sort through the meanings and implications of a few agreements. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Dean looked through the different options going forward and goes the extra mile for his clients; This is what makes his service personal which I prefer rather than dealing with a large firm. I would definitely ask for Dean's help in future and advice on any music or creative agreement and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice for a creative project.

Dean Marsh has worked with me since the start up of my company Alphadog Management. Dean goes beyond the duties of just legal.  His knowledge of the music industry and contact list are endless. Facing some of the toughest challenges musically, Dean has been at my side through all the Battles and all the greatest of Highs. My team here at Alphadog would be incomplete without Creative Law. Thanking Dean and his team for his on going services. They say there is no 'I' in team... I say there is no 'I' without Dean.

We have been a client of Dean’s for over 20 years. Throughout that tumultuous time in the music industry, he has been there to guide us safely and thoroughly. Dean is proactive, creative and always ahead of the curve.

As an independent film production company we constantly require legal advice plus we prefer a hands on approach when it comes to dealing with documents and contract advice. Creative Law has always been approachable, understanding and have stood by us through everything in a very professional way. Negotiations can mean a very difficult and stressful time, but Dean at Creative Law would calm things down and not exacerbate them by giving clear advice on the right responses to make. The service provided is one you can trust to defend your interests in the best way possible that I cannot recommend enough.

Highly recommend Dean. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to help and advise.

I would highly recommend Deans delivery of advice and professional support, particularly in areas involving creativity and intellectual property. He is approachable, flexible and where more than one party is involved, highly skilled in working to create a positive outcome for all. He is able to interpret and communicate complex information in a straightforward format.

Twenty years ago I met Dean in a Little Rock 'n Roll venue in London. You only need to chat for two minutes to reveal the same enthusiasm for music and creative energy that he had then. As well as handling every significant artist contract I have ever signed Dean has never hesitated to introduce me to someone if he sensed creative / commercial potential. I look forward to our next adventure....

Definitely the people to go to for legal advice in the creative industry. Great communication and service, without the jargon.

We are really happy with the service provided. Once we had written up and presented our project brief, Dean instantly demonstrated a clear understanding of what we were looking for. The communication was excellent and Dean delivered bang on time.

Dean and his team are simply the best at what they do. They have guided and advised me through my new venture with LazerGirl and always been there when I have needed them. They are friendly, encouraging, engaging and professional at all times. They really care about their clients’ success and go the extra mile to find solutions that work for all parties. Its very hard to find this in the creative industry and I would recommend them for those just starting out as well as those very established producers, artists and managers.

Dean and his team are awesome, a cut above the rest, knowledgeable and professional but able to deal with us creative types as well.

Creative Law & Business provides a fast, quality and efficient service taking into account an independent record label’s budget in a rapidly changing music industry.

Dean is unfathomably knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy and professional. His commitment to supporting and guiding new acts and live music has led to him being my go-to person for all BIMM student legal queries. Every one who has employed him on my recommendation has commented on how genuine, helpful and understanding he is. He simply is the best.

it was a pleasure working with Dean. He understood the nature of a small business in the digital media industry and was quick and efficient in assisting us with creating a contract that suited the needs of our company!

Dean Marsh is an absolutely invaluable ally in a business still populated with sharp practice. He works fast, gets great results, and I would unhesitatingly recommend him to any musician seeking contract advice.

It is always a joy to work with Dean. He has very friendly and easy going manner. Makes law sound far more straight forward than it is.

Dean’s thorough legal focus coupled with his entrepreneurial ‘go get it’ spirit has helped us take our new product from being merely an idea right up to patent stage in a very short time frame, painlessly and without the extravagant costs usually associated with innovative processes. Without hesitation, we would recommend Dean to any would be inventor.

Dean. A skilled negotiator. Actually so good I consider him to be some kind of magician.

Used Dean on a few occasions, never had any issues, friendly and fast.

Running a small indie label Dean's knowledge and experience has been invaluable to Blah Blah Blah Records. As a label we needed his expertise writing our artist contracts and negotiating a licensing deal with one of the majors. Dean is highly knowledgable, approachable and not out to just make a quick buck; understanding our philosophy and budget as a small independent.

I remember when I first saw my record contract, it was both incredibly exciting and scary. Dean Marsh jumped on a call with me and made everything seem simple. He helped negotiate the best deal possible and now I can focus on being excited for the future. 

We've worked with Dean on multiple occasions and we can't speak highly enough of his expertise, support and professionalism.