Expertly taking care of the law & the business of creativity.


Dean has a wealth of experience in the fashion industry having represented leading designers, bespoke tailors, agents, fashion houses, shops and licensing companies for many years.

CL&B provides start-up advice to designers and fashion houses on how best to protect the intellectual property of their designs and brands.

We are skilled in advising on investment deals between fashion designers and financial backers and any ensuing disputes.  We advise on collaborations and capsule collection deals

We take care of licensing agreements and contracts with manufacturers. We are  particularly adept at advising on the EU Commercial Agents Directive.

We represent music merch companies forging alliances with DIY artists to create inspiring products. Advice is provided to clients creating and selling premium garments featuring licensed imagery sourced directly from the iconic artists.

A leading global model agency uses us for its talent contracts. Models, artists and influencers use us for smart advice on their endorsment deals

At CL&B, we able to take care of the trade-marking of logos, brand names. Clients contact us to protect them where there has been infringement, piracy and passing-off.


Services Include

Business set up advice 
Protection of IP
Agreements with freelancers
Commercial Agency Acts
Manufacturing agreements
Licensing agreements
Capsule Collection agreements
Trade Marking
Investment Agreements 
Merchandising agreements 
Design Rights 
Infringement of IP
Model representation

Nice things our clients say about us

Used Dean on a few occasions, never had any issues, friendly and fast.