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Digital Media

At Creative Law & Business, we represent some of the world's leading digital influencers advising them in their commercial dealings including talent services agreements, endorsement deals and regulatory compliance with ASA and CAP.

We have clients working in digital media, including website and mobile site design, development and related services. We also help companies and freelancers conducting SEO, web hosting, digital strategy, CMS and digital commerce by providing them with simple and clear T&Cs.

Our client profile includes App and games developers, online gaming businesses and esports. We also have clients creating innovative SaaS solutions. We at CL&B are able to help them structure their tiered offerings to clients and to pare their T&Cs.  

We advise media companies pushing boundaries and developing new technologies including interactive streaming, VR, AI, Hub-of-All-Things  and IoT

We advise clients involved in NFT projects and in other Blockchain based opportunities, also supporting our clients setting up business in the metaverse.

CL&B is a member of Wired Sussex and have been invited on occasions to provide workshop-support to their other members on legal and intellectual property issues and the legal and business aspects of emerging technology .

Services Include

Company set up
Talent Services agreements
Social media agreements
App development sgreements
Brand Partnerships
Freelancer agreements
Website Development Agts
Webhosting agreements 
Website Privacy Policies 
Digital Marketing Services Agt
Master licensing agreements
Synchronisation licences
SaaS agreements
Interactive games licensing
Development agreements
Publishing agreements
Joint ventures
Data protection and GDPR
Online gaming agreements
Framework agreements
Affiliate marketing agreements
Software Licensing Agts

Nice things our clients say about us

it was a pleasure working with Dean. He understood the nature of a small business in the digital media industry and was quick and efficient in assisting us with creating a contract that suited the needs of our company!