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Brighton Music Conference 2021

Join Creative Law & Business as they host this year's legal panel at BMC 2021. 

Thursday 23rd September 

2:30pm - Theatre 3 @ Brighton i360

For this year’s legal panel will be exploring the evolving nature of the management relationship and debating some moot points regarding management contracts. Specifically we will provide expert guidance regarding commission entitlement, commission rates and basis of calculation, including post term, in what’s known as the sunset period

· When in their career will an artist be appealing to managers, including the commercial reality of how much an artist needs to be making in order for a manager to earn even the minimum wage?

· What are typical management terms, particularly regarding sunset clauses?  

· To what extent are “handshake agreements” enforceable and if so, how and on what basis?

· How much commission is customarily payable on income from live shows, be they “landed”, “delivered” or otherwise and what deductions are normally permitted?

· Is commission by retainer still taboo?

· Who should bear the brunt of withholding tax the artist, manager or both?

· What’s the likely impact of Brexit on the role and duties of a manager?

· The evolving role of the artist manager as partner/label/publisher/agent and conflict of interest. Does this justify an uplift or is it “double dipping”?