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BMC 2018: Creative Law presents – How not to get into hot water when re-making music

For this year’s legal panel we will be dissecting two topical subjects:

(a) Re-records. Many producer/artists seem to be re-recording their old hits (sometimes in conjunction with a publisher), so they then can exploit themselves. How do you avoid breaching the terms of the original record contract? In which ways might a re-record infringe the copyright or performers’ rights in the original recording, particularly if it’s a near identical recreation.

(b) Covers There been a recent trend towards crossover success for dance producers covering or interpreting existing compositions. What legal right does an artist have to make and release a cover version? What constitutes a “faithful” cover version and what doesn’t? What rights do publishers have to insist that a new composition is a cover when it’s not?


Moderator Dean Marsh (MD – Creative Law & Business)

Andrew Sharland (Leading Partner Clintons)

Peter Oxendale (Forensic Musicologist Peter Oxendale Musical Services)

Alison Hook (Head of Sampling & Copyright Infringement Sony/ATV Publishing)

Jules O’Riordan (AKA Judge Jules Global DJ / Lawyer Sheridans)

Saranne Reid (General Manager Crown Management. MD Sample Clearance Services)

FRIDAY 27th APRIL - 11:45am 

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